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Superintendent's Welcome


Mr. Doughan

Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year at Saunemin Elementary School and Saunemin School District 438. This year will prove to be very different from any other year we have been used to. We will be faced with many challenges and will have to overcome many obstacles that will be placed in our way.  One constant remains unchanged: our dedication to serving the students and families in District 438. My staff and I have worked tirelessly this summer preparing for in-person instruction to resume as well as refining remote instruction for when/if we have to implement that fully.  We are proud of the fact that we are offering in-person instruction 5 days per week for three hours a day.  The staff and I are committed to keeping the doors open to in-person instruction for as long as we can. We are committed to following ISBE guidelines because we know that is the only way we will keep our students in the school building for as long as possible.  Our students need to get back to some semblence of normal for their own well-being.  So many young people have suffered severe depression and mental anxiety in these unprecedented times, and we at Saunemin District 438 are committed to meeting the social emotional needs of our students.  Teachers and staff will spend time building relationships and getting to know our students while also delivering quality, research-based instruction. We take pride in having the most up-to-date curriculums in both ELA and math as well as in social emotional instruction. The district will also be securing updated student technology later in the year in order to ensure our students can complete all learning requirements whether in person or remotely. 

We continue to work closely with both Pontiac Township and Dwight Township High Schools to ensure as seamless a transtion as possbile for our 8th grade students once they leave us. However, we know that our students have been given every opportunity to succeed once they leave us always knowing that they are always an Eagle and will always have a place in our school family.

I look forward to serving our school and our district for another year. I have met many good people in the Saunemin community whose commitment to quality education for our students is clear. The district is steeped in deep tradition and pride, and that can easily be seen and felt in our building and community.

Please reach out to me with questions or concerns.  I look forward to sharing the positives of our district with you!



Gary Doughan


Saunemin Community Consolidated School District 438