Communities We Serve


    Windmill Saunemin Community Consolidated School District #438 serves the residents of approximately 86 square miles in Livingston County.  This area includes the villages of Saunemin and Emington proper and a number of unincoporated areas.  The District encompasses the townships of Avoca, Broughton, Owego, Saunemin, Sullivan, and Union.  Saunemin Community Consolidated School District is located in the 16th Congressional District (R - Darin LaHood), Illionis Senate District #53 (R - Thomas Bennett-Morris), and Illinois Representative District #106 (R - Jason Bunting)

    As you travel throughout the District, you will notice the wind turbines scattered throughout the landscape.  The wind turbines are a part of the Avangrid Renewables Streator Cayuga Ridge South Wind Power Project.  The Streator Cayuga Ridge Wind Power Project is a 300 megawatt wind farm with 150 wind turbines.  The project began its commercial operation in 2010.  At that time, it was the largest wind project in Illinois.


    Villages and Unincoporated Areas:

    • Emington
    • Eylar
    • Griswold
    • Loretto
    • Rugby
    • Saunemin
    • Swygert
District Highlights