Policy Development and Adoption

  • School boards govern using written policies. The most important policy concerning this function is PRESS policy 2:240Board Policy Development. The critical components of this policy state:

    1. The adoption of a policy will serve to supersede all previously adopted policies on the same topic. This statement means that a new policy replaces and nullifies the former policy on the same topic. Boards should, however, maintain a repository of superseded policies.

    Policy Development and Adoption 2. The Board will support any reasonable interpretation of board policy made by the superintendent. This statement means that the board will not substitute its judgment for that of the superintendent when the superintendent acts reasonably and in good faith. If the board doesn't like his or her interpretation, the board must tell the superintendent or amend the policy. This is in alignment with IASB's governance principles.

    3. The Board, by majority vote of its members present at any meeting, may temporarily suspend a Board policy except those provisions that controlled by law and contract. The failure to suspend with a specific motion does not invalidate Board action. This provision allows a board to make a decision that conflicts with a policy in special or unusual circumstances, such as, an emergency.

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